One Education brand, two opposing audiences, limited budget — challenge accepted!


Marketing for education providers is challenging from the get go. Two opposing primary audiences both need convincing of an education establishment’s proposition: parents; and students. At primary school level this doesn’t really come in to play as children really are too young to have a role in school selection, decisions are made by parents with the influence of friends, family and known brand perception.  

However, when it comes to selecting secondary schools and further education institutions the students have a voice and they will be listened to. Today’s parents are different to the generations that have gone before them. Decisions made around their schooling were largely taken out of their hands and they are determined to give their children choices.  

Understanding how to make the most out of limited budgets with such different audiences and motivations is challenging. As strategists, it’s important to understand the needs of audiences and create communications messaging and plans that not only engage with parents and students, but help budgets go further.  

Jason Fox